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Amanda Goes to England: 26 November

This was kind of the day my whole holiday in England was planned around. The Wolverhampton Camera Fair. Wolverhampton, whilst eating my first-ever pasty. Jon picked me up, we got our train tickets (+more Ribena), and we were on our way. Once we arrived in Wolverhampton, we took a black cab up to the camera […]

Amanda Goes to England: 25 November

Garage door in Digbeth So, this was the day that I was to meet up with Jon and he was to take me to Lichfield. And that’s what happened. He was running late but had no way to contact me (I had no mobile phone in England.) I couldn’t remember if I’d said for Jon […]

Amanda Goes to England: 24 November

Me, at Tavistock Square I checked out of the hostel, got my £10 key deposit back (I’d been waiting for that all week!), and headed towards Euston station to catch my train to Birmingham. I did stop at Tavistock Square for a bit of reflection. That’s me, being reflective in the photo above. Tavistock Square, […]

Amanda Goes to England: 23 November

Happy Thanksgiving! But not for me, since I wasn’t with anyone in London who was celebrating that particular American holiday. No, Thanksgiving was just another sight-seeing day for me. It was my last full day in London town, after all. Westminster Abbey The Abbey is another one of those “photography is only allowed in certain […]

Amanda Goes to England: 22 November

This was probably the most typical, rainy day that I encountered in England. Unfortunately, the chintzy little umbrella which I’d packed didn’t really survive the winds of that first rainy night in London Yetunde When I visited Fountain of Life church on Sunday, a kind lady there named Yetunde gave me her contact details and […]

Amanda Goes to England: 21 November

Cue the creepy music. Tower of London I went to Tower of London this day. After having learned my lesson about audio tours at St. Paul’s, I splurged on the audio tour at Tower of London. It made all the difference in the world. I got more out of what I was seeing and the […]

Amanda Goes to England: 20 November

This was my most productive day, I think. Great Court Ceiling, The British Museum First thing I did was to go to the amazing British Museum, which was directly across from my hostel. It’s one of those overwhelming museums, so I just mainly looked at the ancient Egypt section and the ancient Greek and Rome […]