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Amanda Goes to England: 18 November

Trafalgar Square

This was my first full day in the country. I hopped on a bus for Trafalgar Square. Another first for me, I’d never been on a city bus before. That was short-lived though, as the road was block off in the direction we were traveling, so I hopped back off the bus and walked to Trafalgar Square instead. As I’ve told people, rounding the corner to the square was my first moment when I knew I was in London.

National Gallery

I visited the National Gallery there. My museum-visiting philosophy while in England was to just see what see what I was actually interested in and get out! So, I walked up to the information desk and asked “Where’s Leonardo DaVinci?” I saw his work (amazing) along with Michelangelo, Raphael, and other great Renaissance artists. I also saw the Impressionists section, with Monets, Manets, and Van Goghs.

National Gallery Ceiling

Mosaic floor in the National Gallery

I have mostly exterior shots of the National Gallery because photography’s not allowed inside

Crossing the Thames

As I exited the National Gallery, I spied the London Eye across the way. Seemed like a reasonable walking distance, so I did just that. I walked across the River Thames to get there, which was a cool feeling. There were more buskers around the Eye than I’d ever seen in my life and people were actually paying attention to them. Crazy.

I didn’t take a ride on the Eye. Too long a queue, too little time (I actually think you have to book in advance for that thing anyway.) I did, however, get to walk over the Thames on the other side of the Eye and see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament for the first time. So weird to see Big Ben in person.

.And, besides staying up much too late talking politics, philosophy and religion with an Czech/Australian guy at the hostel that night, there’s not much more to say about that first Saturday in London.


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