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Amanda Goes to England: 19 November

Fountain of Life PH Church

Ah, a glorious Sunday morning, made a little less glorious because of the aforementioned staying up too late at the hostel.

Thanks to the missionaries from our church’s denomination, I was able to visit a church in East London called Fountain of Life. It was possibly my favourite thing I did in London. The people were awesome, the music was awesome, the sermon was awesome. I just wanted to BE with them again and almost wished I didn’t have plans for the following weekend so I could go back there. The people there made me want to sing for them. Next time, I will forward something beforehand to the keyboard player, Kendrick, and his guitar player to accompany me with!

I had a not-so-awesome experience getting back to the tube station, but it wasn’t such a big deal (just a creepy one) and I was able to get back to the hostel in one piece.

Lost in sketchy parts of London…



I just spent the evening meandering (mostly because I couldn’t seem to get my bearings while I was wandering around.) What can I say? I don’t always have the best navigational skills.


One comment on “Amanda Goes to England: 19 November

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