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Amanda Goes to England: 20 November

This was my most productive day, I think.

Great Court Ceiling, The British Museum

First thing I did was to go to the amazing British Museum, which was directly across from my hostel. It’s one of those overwhelming museums, so I just mainly looked at the ancient Egypt section and the ancient Greek and Rome sections. They were excellent and really worth the time.

Part of the Rosetta Stone, in the Ancient Egypt section at the British Museum

More from Ancient Egypt


Pretty red sculpture in the Museum

Ancient Greek and Rome exhibits

Classy self-portrait in the toilet at the British Museum

I hit St. Paul’s Cathedral next. It was very nice, except for photography being prohibited. And except for the part where I somehow missed a lot that there was to see. I did learn an important lesson: get the audio tour! You can miss so much, otherwise.

My one [lame] picture of St. Paul’s

V&A Grand Entrance

I headed over to the Victoria and Albert after St. Paul’s. Honestly, I wasn’t able to take full advantage of the V&A because I got there so late, I was tired, and I didn’t have the money to see the coolest exhibits (a Da Vinci exhibit, a Renaissance Italy exhibit, and a twilight photography exhibit.) I did get to see Tippoo’s Tiger!

More from the V&A

Made it back to the hostel after that and forced myself to have my first sit-down meal at a restaurant. It was at a place called Thai Green Garden – £10 was a hard pill to swallow – especially considering my meals were £3 or under most of the time!

Thai Green Garden

I ended the night by watching a bootleg version of Borat back at the hostel. Whoa my goodness…


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