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Amanda Goes to England: 21 November

Cue the creepy music.

Tower of London

I went to Tower of London this day. After having learned my lesson about audio tours at St. Paul’s, I splurged on the audio tour at Tower of London. It made all the difference in the world. I got more out of what I was seeing and the tour made everything extra creepy, especially when doing things such as reading quotes attributed to Anne Boleyn when it was time for her beheading. Not to mention the torturing that went on at that place. There was also something unnerving about all the weapons stored in the white tower.

Very pretty canon – aka “Very pretty WEAPON OF DESTRUCTION!!”

Me, at the Tower of London. Also pictured, my audio tour’s headseat

Tower Bridge

Conveniently enough, just outside the Tower of London is Tower Bridge. I decided to take a walk across it, just for the heck of it. I thought it was a pretty cool structure, personally.

Walking across the prettiest bridge EVER

Coloured Windows (while looking for London Bridge)

After Tower Bridge, I thought I should try to locate London Bridge. I didn’t have much success with that. Despite being on a street called London Bridge Street, I just couldn’t find it. Good thing I was impressed with bridge I’d already walked across that day.

A typical London newsagent, spotted whilst looking for London Bridge

Piccadilly Circus

Neeeeeext, I got off the Tube at Tottenham Court Road (as I often did) and decided to go to Oxford Street (popular shopping district), which led me to Regent Street (another popular shopping district), which in turn led me to Piccadilly Circus. I didn’t do any shopping, just a lot of walking.

More Piccadilly Circus

Shop window on Oxford Street

Regent Street

And that’s about it for Tuesday the 21st.


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