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Amanda Goes to England: 22 November

This was probably the most typical, rainy day that I encountered in England. Unfortunately, the chintzy little umbrella which I’d packed didn’t really survive the winds of that first rainy night in London


When I visited Fountain of Life church on Sunday, a kind lady there named Yetunde gave me her contact details and offered to have lunch with me during the week. She works at Leicester Square, so she told me to meet her at Trafalgar (since I was familiar with that area.) Yetunde came and picked me up at Trafalgar Square and we walked over to a posh location of Pizza Express. It was the nicest meal that I ate the whole time I was in England – hey, I couldn’t afford to treat myself that way! And, of course, I enjoyed the company and having a long chat with Yetun

The National Gallery (again)

Rainy Trafalgar Square

Since I was in the area anyway, I visited the National Gallery again (I figured, how many times am I going to get the opportunity to look at works by Da Vinci and Michelangelo? Why not look at them twice while I’m in the neighbourhood?) I also visited the National Portrait Gallery for the first time. At this point, though, I was beginning to feel “all museumed out.”

Rainy Big Ben

I even walked over to Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abbey again while I was there. Unfortunately, I arrived about two minutes after the Abbey closed, so I had to be content with seeing it from the outside for the time being.

Since I’d had my nuff of museums, I’m happy to report I had non-museum plans for the evening. I had been invited to go ice skating with Alicia, an American ex-pat living in London. I should mention that I had only been ice skating once or twice before, about eight years ago at the Mall of Memphis (RIP) indoor rink. The place where I met Alicia is called Somerset House and it was brilliant! Oh I was so, so bad at the ice skating part but I so enjoyed my time attempting to skate and hanging out with Alicia and her friend Anna for a bit. I was even bad at navigating the “practice rink” (read: kiddie rink.) When I was taking pictures, such as the one above, I had to awkwardly lean over the railing so I could somewhat look through the viewfinder. Once, one of the ice rink employees got concerned and said “Madam, what’s wrong?!” He thought I was “getting sick.” I had to admit to Alicia and Anna after the skating was over that there was just one song that played during our skating time that pumped me up so much that I actually got about two feet away from the railing (to which I’d been clinging for dear life during most of the evening.) That song: Lose Yourself by Eminem. Why can I say? We can’t always choose the things which inspire us.

Alecia and Anna, vertiable Olympic skaters (compared to me!)

Somerset House


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