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Amanda Goes to England: 23 November

Happy Thanksgiving! But not for me, since I wasn’t with anyone in London who was celebrating that particular American holiday.

No, Thanksgiving was just another sight-seeing day for me. It was my last full day in London town, after all.

Westminster Abbey

The Abbey is another one of those “photography is only allowed in certain areas” places, which really dampens my spirits. In fact, while I was waiting in the queue to clear security, one of the guards felt the need to remind me of the no photography rules. Then, he commented on how unusual my camera looked (guess he’s not used to seeing people with manual, film SLRs. I even got sick of all the digital Canon and Nikon SLRs I saw people weilding!) Since I couldn’t take many photos, I just got one of the audio tours and tried to take in as much mentally as I possibly could.

This is really an amazing place. It’s hard to wrap your mind around all the history inside. All the coronations that have taken place there. The amount of influential people buried there (they’re crammed everywhere!) There’s just so, so much.

And I have a confession to make: Besides visiting Westminster Abbey, I didn’t accomplish much else. I bought my train tickets to Birmingham (!) at Euston station and got myself ready to leave the hostel.


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