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Amanda Goes to England: 24 November

Me, at Tavistock Square

I checked out of the hostel, got my £10 key deposit back (I’d been waiting for that all week!), and headed towards Euston station to catch my train to Birmingham. I did stop at Tavistock Square for a bit of reflection. That’s me, being reflective in the photo above.

Tavistock Square, with Ghandi statue

Have I mentioned how much I love train journeys? If not, let me just reiterate. I love trains! My train journey from London’s Euston to Birmingham’s New Street station was so lovely. I had a reserved seat, so I didn’t have to go from car to car, looking for a free seat. I could just sit back and relax. There was a guy doing his math(s) homework across from me and a couple of foreign (Spanish? Italian?) girls who ended up next to me at some point.

I had detailed instructions from my friend Jon as to how to get out of the train station, into the mall (the Bullring) and down to my hostel. Of course, I messed them up a bit and had to carry around that stupid travel bag longer than necessary. But, I did make it to the hostel in one piece. Jon had popped in there a day or two earlier to make sure I should stay there and to book my bed for me. So glad he did! It was in a weird neighbourhood but I loved the hostel itself so much more than the one in London. Ian, the man who Jon had spoken to about my room, was very nice and helpful. The hostel used to be a pub, with the rooms around the corner and upstairs and the common area being where the pub itself was. It was so cozy (cosy) and I was so tired from London, that I didn’t really venture from the hostel and wanted to curl up and sleep in the arm chair at around 6:00! I picked up a copy of On the Road by Jack Kerouac and read A LOT of it before heading up to bed. My roomies, by the way, were a bunch of Irish girls who were there for a student conference. Future physicists, I believe.

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