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Amanda Goes to England: 25 November

Garage door in Digbeth

So, this was the day that I was to meet up with Jon and he was to take me to Lichfield. And that’s what happened. He was running late but had no way to contact me (I had no mobile phone in England.) I couldn’t remember if I’d said for Jon to come inside or if I’d told him I’d meet him outside, so something in me just said “Get up and go outside!” Of course, as I was pushing the door open, Jon was pulling it open and that was that.

We went to the station, bought our tickets to Lichfield (about a forty minute journey), purchased some Ribena (my first and Jon’s treat) and immediately had camera show-and-tell when we got boarded the train (what do you expect when two people meet up for the first time and only know each other in the first place because they’re both self-proclaimed camera geeks?) It was all looking through each other’s viewfinders and explaining our gear for a bit.

Lichfield Cathedral

Lichfield itself was little, lovely and very English. We went specifically because Jon wanted to take me to the cathedral there. I’m very glad he did. Photography was not prohibited in the church! Yay!

Not a very good photo of the duck pond in front of which we had some food and fed the ducks salt and vingear crisps.

So, after Lichfield, Jon took me on a tour of the city centre part of Birmingham, including the Frankfurt Christmas Market. Very cool.

After Jon and I parted ways for the evening, I ventured out on my own to Tesco (a grocery store chain.) I love supermarkets and spent quite a bit of time in them whenever I could manage it in England. I bought the fixins for peanut butter balls, because I’d have to know that I could make those there in order to be able to live in England. I could!

(Sorry the West Midlands-related photoblogs are so verbose. There’s more to talk about when it’s not just you alone, going to museums.)


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