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Amanda Goes to England: 26 November

This was kind of the day my whole holiday in England was planned around. The Wolverhampton Camera Fair.

Wolverhampton, whilst eating my first-ever pasty.

Jon picked me up, we got our train tickets (+more Ribena), and we were on our way. Once we arrived in Wolverhampton, we took a black cab up to the camera fair. Okay, it was a purple black cab, but still. I’d never been in a cab before. Neat-o.

The camera fair was very cool. So much to choose from, so little money to spend. I picked up a few bits and bobbles and only made a camera purchase at the eleventh hour (lucky me, the price of the camera came down £5 so the dealer could unload it.) The fair was a nice way to spend a couple of hours anyway and it was interesting to see a lot of cameras in the flesh that I’d only ever seen online.

Jon had to be off not long after we got back to Birmingham. I “made” him let me take his picture before he left so I could show the folks back home. What a good sport!

St. Martin’s in the Bullring

Selfridges, at night

Brum Christmas Lights

Since I had the evening to myself, I went back to the Christmas market to browse around. Didn’t buy much, but I liked it. I was going to finish On the Road when I got back to the hostel, but it had disappeared. I guess some cheeky poacher had swiped it!


One comment on “Amanda Goes to England: 26 November

  1. […] Essentially, I picked my traveling dates based on the dates of the camera fair in a town called Wolverhampton. I don't reeeeeeally know why I did that – I definitely didn't have extra money to spend on […]

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