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Amanda Goes to England: 27 November

Helter Skelter in the City

Custard Factory

Milk truck

Southern Fried Chicken – in the West Midlands! Complete with a river boat graphic!

Selfridges (again!)

It was such a beautiful morning in Birmingham! I had to leave for London shortly, but I took a walk down the Christmas Market again, to the Custard Factory, and the Bullring, snapping pictures all the way to and fro. I just loved my last little bit of time there in Brum. I hated to have to rush off to make my train back to London.

In fact, I didn’t do a very good job of rushing off to the station and I missed my train. A lot of things were to blame but mostly poor time management and poor weight distribution in my travel bags did me in. The extra cost for a ticket to London was £25! (nearly $50!) I was taken aback, took some time to compose myself, eat the lunch I’d bought to take on the train with me, and just had to grit my teeth and pay the £25. I told myself that, if missing a train was the worst thing that happened when I travelled 4,000 miles from home by myself, I was so bad off after all.

I sat next to a jovial sort of lady on the train to London, which made me feel better. I think it’s little things like that that can make a difference in how one handles a stressful situatio

Buckingham Palace @ Night

I made it back to London in one piece, checked back into the hostel where I’d stayed the previous week, and tried to figure out what to do with my last evening in London. Since the set-back with the train put me getting to London later than expected, I had to carry out my plans after dark. I’d planned to go by Buckingham Palace that afternoon but did it by moonlight instead. Besides feeling uneasy walking through the very dark Green Park, I thought being at Buckingham at night was super cool. There were no crowds to keep me from seeing it and photographing it the way I wanted.

Christmas-y Big Ben (though you can’t tell in black and white)

Not wanting to walk through Green Park again, I walked towards Big Ben and Parliament to see them once again before leaving. They’d been gussied up for Christmas since the last time I’d been there, which meant red and green lights on Big Ben and a lighted tree in front of Parliament.

I finally had my first curry in London that night! Sorry there’s no picture, but it was Aloo Gobi from a place near the hostel, called Malabar Junction. It was so, so tasty.

Not much else to say about that exhausting day. I just tried to get some sleep (not too successful!) since I knew the next day was going to be a long one.


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