Amanda Goes to England: 28 November

My final day. There really isn’t much to say about that. I didn’t do anything besides get up, have breakfast at the hostel (while watching some American children’s programming which had been dubbed with British voices) and got my booty to the airport. Of course, that meant another train ride for me (yay!) from Victoria station to Gatwick.

The security at the airport was pretty intense. I was patted down TWICE. There were a few problematic people going through security (large families, for instance) so I just tried to be nice and lighthearted (where appropriate) with the security people. When the big family was going through the metal detector/x-ray area, there was one member of security staff openly saying “Have I died and gone to hell?” It was funny, but not.

I so loved my plane ride back. I was in a window seat, which was nice since my flight was during the day this time. I saw Iceland from the air! And there was only one other passenger beside me, instead of three like I had on the flight over. It was just wonderful.

I had a lot of trouble at the Minneapolis airport where we had to go through passport control and such. The lines were long and my layover was only about an hour and a half to begin with. I didn’t know that we were going to have to pick up our checked luggage, go through security again with it, and then check the luggage again. I was cutting it so close that I didn’t even bother putting my shoes back on after security – I knew it would possibly make or break my ability to get on that plane. I was right. And if security had been any farther from the gate where I needed to board the plane, I would not have made it. I was essentially the last person to get on the plane and they closed the door about two minutes after I did. I was so relieved that I’d made it because I don’t know what they do for people who miss their flights on account of security delays. Plus, I knew my sister would be waiting on me in Mem

Welcome Home Sign

My sister wasn’t the only one waiting on me at the airport. She brought my niece! My niece was afraid that I wouldn’t know with whom I was supposed to be riding home, so they made a sign. In fact, here is a photo of the little girl with the sign, while they were patiently waiting for me to arrive. My flight was a little late AND we had to sit on the runway for a good long time before we could pull up to the gate. My sister was afraid I hadn’t boarded the plane at all.

And, that’s it’s. I went to England. I would go back tomorrow if I had the opportunity. I’m still pinching myself about the whole thing.

4 comments on “Amanda Goes to England: 28 November

  1. Hi Amanda! I was reading Melissa’s blog and she mentioned “Amanda” and I said to myself … who is Amanda? I must go and have a look.

    So I came right over and I LOVED your photos!!! Loved them! I am feeling sad that there aren’t any current posts with photos of your town and your life, because I enjoyed reading your entries and seeing your photos.

    Give a holler if you blog some more or see this comment. I would stop by any day!


  2. One must always visit US once only then they can appreciate there country:)

    I liked your blog. Please keep posting.

  3. Would you mind if I used your image of the helter skelter for a college project?
    Thanks 🙂

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