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London Groceries (Long Lost)

I should explain.

These were taken on my first night in London. I’d walked to Sainsbury’s in the rain to get some peanut butter, bananas, bread and Jaffa Cakes. I brought these items back to the hostel kitchen, photographed them, made my peanut butter and banana sandwich and was laughed at by one of the Australians. I wanted to document the fruits of my first supermarket visit in London. And the fact that I’d brought my love of peanut butter and banana 4,000 miles with me.

Then, I misplaced the Polaroids. I’ve been looking everywhere for them. I’d given them up for dead. Tonight, I randomly opened a book (a Bible, actually) that was in a bag I’d had with me in England. And there they were.

I’m happy I found them. But looking at pictures from England makes me sad. And happy. I have mixed feelings.

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