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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 10 & 11 November, 2012

Saturday and Sunday in Merstham with Kayla! This is not going to sound like the most exciting weekend, but trust me: it was just what I needed after my week in London! Saturday, in a nutshell: I slept in, Kayla and I made brunch of biscuits and omelettes, Kayla made brownies, and we watched series 3 […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 9 November, 2012

I couldn’t remember if I took these on the 8th or 9th, but here are some photos of the hostel where I spent most of my nights in London: Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage. I haven’t really detailed what my stay at this hostel was like yet, but now’s as good a time as any: I […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 8 November, 2012

I’ll be very honest with you: This was a dark day. Well, figuratively speaking. It was mostly sunny that day in London when I set out that morning – always a treat in a city that’s known for being grey in the colder months!  I wanted to do a photo walk instead of going to a specific […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 7 November, 2012

Me at the start of my day, from Instagram: “‘I’m sad that I lost the slouchy beret I made myself specially for my UK holiday, but at least I found this smart looking slouchy beret at Marks and Spencer for £5 to replace the lost one!” I made it back to the Natural History Museum, […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 6 November, 2012

So cute that I had to do it in both colour AND black and white – the Baker Street Tube station. Get it??? Sherlock Holmes’ lived on Baker Street! Riding the Tube… This was the morning that I went to a place called Trafalgar Square and to the National Gallery (an art museum.) Those are […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 5 November, 2012

Monday morning in England! I woke up at the Hollises’, and Martin was kind enough to take me to the train station so I could head back to London. I had to go to my hostel, near the Swiss Station stop on the Tube. I did walk past the hostel and up and down the […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 4 November, 2012

Sunday morning at Casa de Hollis! We didn’t make any real plans for this lazy Sunday. Kayla and I just spent the day hanging around the house while Martin was at some work-related thing. I was very happy to have a relaxed day in, as I had pretty much been going non-stop since I left […]