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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: The Prologue

Six years later, we have a second volume to the “Amanda Goes to England” story! Or, as I like to call it “The Amanda-UK Reunion Tour.”

Here’s a little back-story, before I start blogging about my UK holiday itself:

Since the moment I left England after my brief visit in 2006, I have desperately wanted to return. It was never off my mind. I just never found a way to make it happen.  I mean, it’s not as if I’m an aristocrat who can travel the world whenever she pleases! Last year, I really got a bee in my bonnet about going back to England again. I could feel it in my bones that it was time for me to reunite with “the motherland.” I actually began prepping for this trip before I even knew for certain that I was taking it. I made a list of possible places I’d like to stay. I made a scarf in JUNE, hoping that I’d take a ride across the pond in the autumn. I checked airfare prices every couple of days and had price alerts set up on travel websites. Cuz, ya know, faith without works is dead. I even had a photo composed in my mind which I would take on Impossible Project film in one of my Polaroid cameras, that I’d used to “announce” that I was going back to England.

Things just started falling into place all at once, it seemed. An old friend I hadn’t seen in 7+ years came for a visit and we reconnected during a day spent together in Memphis. Guess where this friend has been living since 2007? That’s right: ENGLAND. And even though I had already planned my visit before I reconnected with Kayla, this re-connection felt like kismet. I had no idea to what extent that it was kismet, but we’ll talk about that later. We’d been joking for awhile on Twitter that I was going to pop over to her house one day for a “baking date.” Little did I know that that was actually going to happen!

On my birthday, July 30, the final pieces fell into place and I bought a plane ticket to London, for the first two weeks in November. And I promptly took the aforementioned “already planned” photo with my Polaroid SX-70 to commemorate the event.

“Guess where I’m bound??”

The period between July 30 and November 1 went WAY faster than you can imagine. But I spent those months neurotically picking out which film cameras I’d be taking with me, ordering film, buying new luggage, deciding which nights I’d be staying with Kayla and which I’d be staying in London (I saw her again Stateside in September, which meant I could actually plan some of my UK holiday with her assistance, face to face!) and freaking out about being separated from my niece for two weeks. And. oh yeah, HAVING TO GET A NEW PASSPORT BECAUSE I LOST MINE IN MAY OR SO! Here are some Instagram photos of those preliminary things I did in preparation of travelling to England again.

From Instagram in June: “My plans are getting serious when I start making “to do” lists as if the plans will be set in stone soon”

From Instagram in June: “Come on, cold weather!” What I really meant was, “I think I’m going to London this fall and that’s why I made this!”

Instagram from June: “Ready to go somewhere with my new peacock luggage!”  What I really meant was, “I would look AWESOME taking this to London!”

Instagram from September, the conclusion to the harrowing experience of  losing my Passport: “Hallelujah! I’m legal to travel again!!! (And under two weeks’ turnaround time! Thanks, gov’t!)”


Just so you know: When I write about things I did in England, I usually use British spellings of words and format the date the way it’s done in other parts of the world (Day/Month/Year.) It’s an obnoxious character trait I possess 🙂 


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