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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 4 November, 2012

Sunday morning at Casa de Hollis!

We didn’t make any real plans for this lazy Sunday. Kayla and I just spent the day hanging around the house while Martin was at some work-related thing. I was very happy to have a relaxed day in, as I had pretty much been going non-stop since I left America on that Thursday.

Loved the pretty lampshade!

Details from Kitchen de Kayla

This was the weekend after Halloween. Here’s the cool “E.T. phone home” pumpkin Kayla carved!

Meet Delilah – 1/2 of the Hollis pooches (Not pictured: Walter. Staring him in the face with a camera would have been a bad idea.)

Portrait of Delilah. It’s her spitting image!

So we had our lovely, relaxing Sunday at the Hollises’. Then something really good happened: We went to Brighton!

This is the song by a British band called The Kooks  played in my head when we arrived in Brighton.

I didn’t fall in love at the seaside; I fell in love with the seaside. Brighton is a seaside town with a pebble beach. It had been pretty manky all day but the sun was out as we drove into Brighton.

Ya’ll. I am now LEGIT in love with Brighton. It was sooooo pretty. The burned out remains of the West Pier is an eerie sight. The skeleton of a pier. I kind of just had to say, “Sorry!” to Kayla and Martin because I was in such a frenzy to take as many photos as possible before the sun went down. It was freezing out there, and I hated to make them wait on me…BUT IT WAS MY FIRST TIME AT THE OCEAN!

Kayla, Instagramming and Martin in the background, on the phone

I think this was the part where I took a tumble for the sake of my photography. I was kneeling down to shoot through this railing – unwise, since this was on a slope – and I did sort of a somersault and scuffed up my elbow. I wasn’t embarrassed as I’m used to taking spill in public places, but I’m sure Kayla and Martin thought I was real muppet! “Can’t take Amanda anywhere!

 Martin and Kayla, my gracious hosts

We walked around A LOT,  but there are so many cute shops in Brighton! I wish I had more photos, but I was trying my best to balance my need for photography and my desire to be considerate of my travel companions. That’s why my Instagram photos are better than my photos taken with actual cameras (also, my Lomography La Sardina’s bulb setting kept failing on me :/ )  We found a vegetarian cafe for dinner with discounted food because they were about to close for the evening, and even got a yummy piece of cake!

I busted out my compact digital camera for a quick snap of the streets of Brighton. So pretty!

We ended up going down to the pier after dinner. There are carnival style rides, food stands, and arcade games. I had a real moment when I was standing on that pier and could almost feel the ocean under my feet, and then I looked down between the slats of the pier to see the water beneath me. It was amazing.

I handed the digital camera over to Martin so he could photograph Kayla and me being SUPER posh with the royal family

I am 100% head-over-heels for Brighton. I hope to see you again one day, my lovely xoxo

From Instagram:

“My very first time to see the seaside xoxo”

Cake. Lovely!


“And this is for my sweet Anna Marie, who made my day by sending an email & threatening to get a TARDIS to fly over here if I didn’t reply “ASAP”

Photos taken with Nikon EM and Lomography La Sardina (except the Instgram ones, of course)


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