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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 5 November, 2012

Monday morning in England!

I woke up at the Hollises’, and Martin was kind enough to take me to the train station so I could head back to London. I had to go to my hostel, near the Swiss Station stop on the Tube. I did walk past the hostel and up and down the block a couple of times before asking someone (who turned out to be American) where the hostel was. I don’t know HOW I missed it…As per usual, I arrived at the hostel a couple of hours before check-in, but I was able to lock my luggage up in their “left luggage” shed and head out for the day.

Pretty bench where I stopped somewhere along the way

Notting Hill Gate Tube station is so pretty – the platform I used is “sub-surface”  – which is sort of inside AND outside

I headed to the Victoria and Albert Museum for awhile after I left the hostel. I visited it the V&A in 2006, but had very little time to spend there. It’s one of the museums where photography is allowed (with a few exceptions) and I find that I don’t enjoy museums as much if I’m not allowed to take photos while I’m there. It’s not THAT exciting to take a photo of someone else’s work, but I like to do a little ongoing photo series called “People in Museums.” For me, it’s like the indoor equivalent to street photography. So you’ll be seeing photos from that series throughout this blog.

From Instagram: “Victoria and Albert Museum entrance, from the subway (underground walkway)”

The above photos are from the V&A’s “Medieval and Renaissance galleries” – specifically, their “Renaissance City” 

Example of “People in Museums” series

The beautiful Grand Entrance. It appears in many of my photos 🙂

The Hereford Screen

Okay. I wasn’t supposed to take this picture. I knew that. It was a paid exhibit of Ballgowns , and I did not pay to see it. Moreover,  you weren’t allowed to take photos even if you paid to get into it. But you could see this exhibit as you walked by. I snapped this photo. I was immediately chided and subsequently feigned ignorance. Sorry, lady at the V&A! I’m a rebel and I’ll never be any good! 

Breathless”  art installation 

Ice Angel

More from the Renaissance City (Roundels by members of the della Robbia family)

Sacred stained glass and panels

St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. Ursula 

The Angel of Annunciation 

 The Virgin and Child by Donatello (left) Virgin and Child by Andrea della Robbia (center) Virgin and Child by Lorenzo Ghiberti (right)

I decided to cut my visit to the V&A short because I could see that it was getting to be the “golden hour” outside and I needed to go take some photos before the sun went down!

There is a MASSIVE Natural History Museum next to Victoria and Albert that I didn’t even realise was there until I left the V&A that afternoon. I was going to visit the Natural History Museum while I was in the neighbourhood, but when I saw how big it was, I figured only having two hours to spend there before it closed would not be sufficient. I had to go back another day. Or two…

“N” for “Natural History”

Natural History Museum, reflected in the windows of the building and taxi

I took a photo of this French Bookshop because it made me think of my friend Jessie, who’s French at heart ♥

Then it was back to the station so I could return to the hostel and get properly settled in!

South Kensington Tube Station, how I got to and from the V&A

Photos taken with the Lomography Diana F+, Nikon EM, and Ricoh FF-1. Except that one Instagram shot. 


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