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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 7 November, 2012

Me at the start of my day, from Instagram: “‘I’m sad that I lost the slouchy beret I made myself specially for my UK holiday, but at least I found this smart looking slouchy beret at Marks and Spencer for £5 to replace the lost one!”

I made it back to the Natural History Museum, after I’d passed it by a couple of days earlier!  That place is MASSIVE. You could spend a whole day in there. However, as I was prone to do during this trip to London, I only stayed a couple of hours. My attention span=not so good. The Natural History Museum has a lot of impressive features and exhibits.  They have a big section devoted to dinosaurs that I think my niece would have loved. Lots of school children on field trips in the museum that day! There are a number of interactive exhibits geared towards kids, and I even interacted with a few of those exhibits!

I tried not to do this very much, but I shot a lot of the same subjects in both black and white and colour, so I feel as if I have both a monochrome and a colour version of my day. So it’s up to you to decide which version of my day that you like better!

So many mammals crammed in there!


Yeah. Okay. I hate to make a generalisation, but I assume a man designed this series of panels detailing how beautiful a woman’s “cycle” is?

Darwin Centre “Cocoon Building”

One of many lunches at Pret a Manger

Another mini photo series: “Cute bikes chained to fences in London” haha

Walking around the South Kensington area

Gloucester Road Underground Station

Piccadilly Circus

Seriously, another mini photo series: “People taking pictures of people”

Cooler kids than me, at Piccadilly Circus

More of those silly “your menstrual cycle is AWESOME” panels

Darwin Centre “Cocoon Building”


A pretty coffee cup on top of one of those iconic red post boxes. I wish I’d had a camera loaded which would have allowed a closer focusing distance, but I kind of like that you can see the National History Museum in the background.

The fence was chilly?

More from my walk around South Kensington

The day I sent postcards to my niece and to my old pal from Muddy’s,  Hayley (who had specifically requested one.) The man who sold me my stamps at the post office had to look at my driver’s license (they call it “driving licence”) because I paid with my bank card. He had a thick Indian accent, and he read my license “Oh! Mississippi! The hospitality state! Does Mississippi have the most hospitality??” I told him that, yes, we were a very hospitable people down here. Then we chatted about the election, which had taken place the day before. He knew more about the margin by which Obama had won re-election than I did! 

Piccadilly Circus

Alleyways on my walk from Piccadilly towards Leicester Square 

Side note: there was actually a movie premiere being held in Leicester Square the night I rolled through there. It was kind of crazy. The premiere was for a film called The Gambit, starring Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth, and Alan Rickman. There were barricades and partitions in front of the theatre, just like you see on TV and screaming fans and everything!

Photos taken with my Nikon EM and Olympus XA

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