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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 8 November, 2012

I’ll be very honest with you: This was a dark day.

Well, figuratively speaking.

It was mostly sunny that day in London when I set out that morning – always a treat in a city that’s known for being grey in the colder months!  I wanted to do a photo walk instead of going to a specific museum or landmark. I picked a tube stop to get off at and brought out some cameras that hadn’t seen much use since my arrival, hoping that (as corny as it sounds) seeing things through different viewfinders might have me looking at things with a fresh perspective. I know this will come as a shock to you, but I walked around in circles awhile because I had the map oriented the wrong way (I’m notoriously bad a navigating!) But this was okay, because I was just counting it all as part of my unstructured day.
From Instagram. I was wearing my cameras like so^^^, and a doorman outside a hotel stopped me as I walked by to ask me about my Yashica TLR
I call this one “Fugly Dog”
Formerly Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone – now used as an events venue
Kitchen pretties in a shop window – sorry it’s not in focus!
“Cute bikes chained to fences in London”
Queen Charlotte statue in Queen Square
A secret agent?? Not so secret anymore??
Snapshots around Central London
I finally found a place to eat near where I kinda aimed on ending up, the British Museum. I had an expensive meal of eggs and chips, but I at least it was sustenance (and onion-free!)
Previously published on my Shoot With Personality blog, with my other Polaroids from England

This was the last happy memory I was to have with my Polaroid SLR 680 on my London trip. It met an untimely demise close to the British Museum. I went to get something out of my bag and heard a crash. My mint condition Polaroid was busted. This event kinda busted me up, too. I went into the British Museum but walked right back out because I was so very upset about my camera (please note: I was have emotional weirdness overall because of my homesickness, so breaking a beloved camera was just the straw that broke this lady’s back!)

In an effort to gather myself, I went to Starbucks after I left the British Museum – I mention this because the barista asked me if my Yashica was a Polaroid camera. I told him it wasn’t, but that the other camera around my neck was (*cue internal sobbing* Thanks for bring up “Polaroid” a few minutes after I’d suffered a huge loss!) He said he had a Polaroid but that he didn’t know where to get film for it. I told him about The Impossible Project. He had me write down their website for him. As I left, he shouted out across the room that he’d never forget me for telling me about The Impossible Project.  HAHAHAHA!

Did that cheer me up sufficiently? Apparently not.

I went back to the hostel and eventually phoned  “me mum”. I was sat outside the restaurant at my hostel, ballin’ and squallin’ to mom who was 4,000 miles away. I made a #dramatictweet about it, and Kayla suggested that I meet her for coffee after she left work for the night. We went to a restaurant she really loves called The Diner. I am so happy that this happened. Originally, I was going to stay at the hostel for another night and go out to Kayla’s Saturday. But she thought it’d be best for my frazzled nerves if I took the train home with her after work on Friday so I can have a chill weekend with her. I am so grateful for Kayla coming to my emotional rescue!

The Diner

After The Diner, Kayla took me on a walk, which included taking me to Forbidden Planet. Holy fish fingers and custard! More Doctor Who paraphernalia than I could have ever imagined!

We went through Covent Garden, too, since I hadn’t managed to make it there on this trip or the 2006 trip. We went into a macaroon shop because, baking enthusiasts that we both are, had never had a macaroon. This cookie establishment shall remain nameless because I took one picture before I was chastised by the girl behind the counter. “We don’t allow photos.” O RLY??  OH WELL! My bad! I still got a shot in, heifer! My black currant macaroon and Kayla’s pistachio one were lovely though.

That day ended up much nicer than I could have hoped. Thanks Kayla! xoxo

From Instagram: “My black currant and Kayla’s pistachio macaroon’s last night in Covent Garden”

Photos taken with Lomography Diana F+, Yashica D TLR, Polaroid SLR 680, and Ricoh FF-1

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