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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 9 November, 2012

I couldn’t remember if I took these on the 8th or 9th, but here are some photos of the hostel where I spent most of my nights in London: Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage. I haven’t really detailed what my stay at this hostel was like yet, but now’s as good a time as any:

I loved Palmers Lodge! It was so much better than the place I’d stayed when I visited London in 2006. In fact, this hostel me realise what a dump the 2006 hostel was by comparison! I liked that Palmers had people of all age groups staying there, from backpacking youths, to families with kids. My room was a 14 bed female dorm, but each bed had its own curtain (with a book light built in.) I was concerned that my ability to sleep would be next to nothing in a dorm with that many bunks, but that curtain really did help me feel like I had a measure of privacy when I slept. There were a wide variety of countries represented in the guests at Palmers Lodge. From the little French family with two young daughters, to the South Korean girl who was in the bunk above mine. The hostel offered free breakfast, which was only toast, cereal, cheap croissants, and coffee/milk/juice, but I appreciated not having to buy breakfast any of the days when I was at Palmers. I would definitely stay there again if I were to return to London any time in the near future!

Ceiling in the lobby of the hostel

Gorgeous common room in the hostel. This was always packed with lodgers using the wi-fi on their own computers/tablets or using the desktop computers the hostel provided for free. I began to wonder if any of the guests were actually spending time in London or if they were just in the common room using the internet all day! 

On my last couple of days at Palmers Swiss Lodge, I discovered that there was a really cute patio where I could eat my breakfast. 

I checked out of my hostel and structured my day around the fact that, that night, I’d be leaving London for the weekend. I knew Victoria Station would be a mad house at rush hour on a Friday night, so I wanted to buy my ticket to Kayla’s ahead of time. I mentioned that I had neglected to check my luggage the previous week when I was going to Kayla’s and carried it around all day. I said I learned my lesson, and I had! I took my bag to the coach station, paid a few pounds to leave it there, and went on about my day! Hallelujah!

Train tracks near Victoria Station

Walking in the colonnade between Victoria train and Victoria coach (bus) station. I thought “I bet the person who dropped this was having ‘one of those days’…”

Hustle and bustle of Victoria Station

I always mind the gap when riding the Tube

I went back to the Natural History Museum, as I had only stayed a short while before my attention span gave out on me a couple of days earlier. At least I got some more photos in on this second visit!

People in England are really stoked on Charles Darwin. Like to the point where parents making their four year old kids pose for photos next to this statue. 

Bearded monkey carving above the Central Hall

A little girl saw me taking the above two photos with my TLR, and her mother asked if the girl could look at my camera.  I let her look through the waist level finder.  It was really cute!

Slice of a giant sequoia on display at the Natural History museum. The museum’s website says “This tree was over 1,300 years old when it was felled.”

A marine animal fossil discovered by a woman named Mary Anning in 1823

“People in Museums: Posh couple in front of the Megatherium skeleton Edition”

Stuffed dodo bird

Soooooo cool. Earth Hall!

Riding the escalator inside the metal Earth sculpture

After the National History Museum, I popped back into the Victoria and Albert, since those two museums are a next door neighbours. I wanted to grab a few more shots since I knew this would probably be the last time I’d have a chance to visit the V&A before I left the next week. Getting to come and go as I please = perk of museums having free admission!

WWII bomb damage to the exterior of the V&A

Peasant woman nursing a baby


“People in Museums: Art Student Edition” 

The dead Christ with the Virgin, St John and St Mary Magdalene

Statue of Jason

Samson Slaying a Philistine

I will never tire of photographing the Grand Entrance at the V&A.  Especially the glass chandelier by Daley Chihuly. It’s captivating!  I have many photos of the Grand Entrance  from both my 2012 visit to London and from 2006. No apologies for that either! Can’t get enough of it!

Bug’s eye view in the Grand Hall at the V&A

I made it back to the train station to meet Kayla after I left the V&A (I am always astonished when I don’t miss my train/plane – it’s feels like a big accomplishment every time…)  I got to meet one of Kayla’s BFFs, Cally, on our train ride to Merstham. She lives in East Croyden, which is a couple of train stops before Kayla’s town. Twas a pleasure to meet Cally, however brief our meeting may have been!

Busy Friday night outside Victoria Station

It may not look as if I got an awful lot accomplished, but all in all, I think this was a good day in London. 

Photos taken with Nikon EM, Yashica D TLR, and Olympus XA.


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