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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 10 & 11 November, 2012

Saturday and Sunday in Merstham with Kayla!

This is not going to sound like the most exciting weekend, but trust me: it was just what I needed after my week in London!

Saturday, in a nutshell: I slept in, Kayla and I made brunch of biscuits and omelettes, Kayla made brownies, and we watched series 3 of Downton Abbey (a couple of months before they showed it in America MUHAHAHAH! Kayla saved them on her DVR for me!)

From Instagram: “Lovely brunch. Kayla made omelettes & I made biscuits – this is Kayla’s plate. Mine is already in my belly!”

I liked the little “H” on Kayla’s side table in the living room. “H” for “Hollis,” obviously.

Delilah was probably looking at Walter, who was probably being sequestered in the kitchen

Sunday morning, we had biscuits for brunch again. It’s not often that our American girl who’s now living in England gets to have biscuits, after all!

From Instagram: “Biscuits for brunch again, this time baked by Kayla!” Guest appearance by K’s Brother Juniper’s mug that she bought when we ate there in Memphis in June. 

Kayla was kind enough to take me on a nice walk around Merstham, since I hadn’t really gotten a good look at the countryside yet. It was lovely!

Delilah and Kayla

Cafe in Merstham

Walking over the M25 (motorway – or interstate, to us Yanks)

Pie Cottage

The Feathers (a pub)

Another cottage along the way

(Ghostly Delilah and Kayla)

St. Katherine’s Church in Merstham

The Golden Wheel Cottage – yes, the wheel was golden

Colour photos from our walk

The rest of that Sunday was just more lazing around and watching Downton. I’m so very grateful that Kayla got me out of the city for the weekend! It was just what the doctor ordered. ❤

Photos taken with Lomography Diana F+ and Nikon EM


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