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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 2: 12 November, 2012

After my chilled out weekend with Kayla, I went back to London on this Monday morning to wrap up my time in England. I had originally planned on going to Brighton for the day, but after I spent so much time museums the week before, I wanted to do some things in London that didn’t revolve around museums.

Since I was kind of “museumed out” by that point, Kayla suggested I go to a place called Borough Market. She gave me directions for the scenic route, so I’d pass some landmarks along the way. For instance, I got to go by St. Paul’s Church, which I visited last time but didn’t photograph very well. The route included a walk across the Millennium Bridge. I had a really peaceful feeling as I walked across that bridge, mist falling on my face, and looking over the river Thames to see Tower Bridge (one of my absolute favourite landmarks in all of London.)  It was kinda great. And every time I thought maybe I’d taken a wrong turn, I’d see the next landmark from Kayla’s list of directions, and I knew I was going the right way!

St. Paul’s. Super “London-y” looking with those black cabs driving by!

Queen Anne statue in front of St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s

Couple, seeking shelter from the misty day 

Ice cream stand. It has spikes on top of it, like so many other structures in London, to keep those pesky pigeons from perching and soiling everything!

Wooden cross outside Southwark Cathedral

Cafe tables at Southwark Cathedral

As you could probably tell from these photos, it was a drizzly day in London. Not enough to prompt me to buy an umbrella, but enough that I was persistently damp. I didn’t seem to mind too much though! Looking back at the photos, I think my cameras’ lenses may have had water droplets on them. Whoops!

At Borough Market – I think this may have been some sort of marker for that particular section of food stalls, but I can’t find any information on that…

Couple perusing Borough Market

I remember making my way to Borough Market and hearing the sounds of a very cheerful zydeco band echoing though this underpass. It was such a happy sound. The musicians were thoroughly enjoying themselves (I didn’t stop for a photo – shame on me!)

Umbrella art installation at Borough Market

After I left the market, I continued my photo walk around the Southwark area. No particular place to go, just having myself a little photo walk.

I went inside this cafe just to take a photo. I didn’t order anything…

“Bubble Wrap”  lighting on Southwark Street. This reminded me of the Daleks. If Daleks were green with purple-pink studs on them.

And that’s how I spent my penultimate day in London. I went back to the hostel to rest up for cramming in as much as possible for my final day in London 🙂

Photos taken with my Nikon EM and Yashica D TLR


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