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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 3: 10 May 2014

Day two in England. Or, first full day in England, since it’s the first day I woke up in that country.

Saturday was the day I’d arranged to travel to a town called Tunbridge Wells (less than an hour from London by train) to hang out with a friend from Twitter, Tony. Also known as “Stop One on the Amanda-UK Unity Tour.”

Saturday was also the day that yielded the fewest number of photos – less than any other day I was England! That tends to happen when I meet up with people, even with fellow photographers. I guess conversations are happening, and I’d feel as if I were taking away from that by pulling out a camera to snap some photos. Strange as that may sound! I actually have more camera phone photos than “real photos” from my day in Tunbridge Wells, so I might have to bust those out to supplement this post…

I think it’s hard to write about a day spent walking around a new town with someone. So, I’ll just try to give an overview – I consider it one of the best days I had in England this go round. It was just the sort of day I might spend hanging out with a friend back home, but, ya know, it was taking place in England.

Right then. A synopsis. Here we go:

  • We had lunch at a cafe (tuhMAHto bazzle soup)
  • We explored Tunbridge Wells (hashtag: HillsHillHills, hashtag: WindedAmerican hashtag: Blisters hashtag:BreakYourShoesInNextTime)
  • We saw a life-sized version Thomas the Tank Engine
  • We went to Sainsbury’s because the supermarket is my favourite place
  • We stumbled upon an antiques fair, where I picked up a pretty nifty light meter for £10 (it’s so adorable!)
  • I went to a British pub for the first time.
  • I had my first flapjack (oat bar.)
  • Did I mention the hills? I’ll walk on a Stairmaster for two months before visiting England next time, to get my American legs ready for English hills!
  • I saw (and eventually touched) a building that is older than my country.
  • We hung out in Tony’ s flat and listened to David Bazan, a musician for whom we share an appreciation. Also, Tony has an Otis Redding record, so he’s cool dude in my book.
  • I was introduced to Blackadder and Brass Eye (GOOD. GOD.)
  • I touched a Leica for the first time and saw a variety of other rangefinders.
  • I missed the last train back to London and had to sleep on the futon (spoiler: I didn’t actually sleep a wink because I’m bad at sleeping.)

So yes, I struggled on the hills. I got blisters because my shoes weren’t broken in. I missed that train and allowed myself to be down in the mouth about it for a few minutes. No, I  wasn’t able to get any sleep, probably because I was worried about the logistics of getting back to London in time the next morning. But I consider those things mere blips on what was otherwise a very lovely day.

On to the the paltry amount of film photos from Tunbridge Wells:

Crooked picture of a brick wall in Tunbridge Wells. Aren’t I a wonderful photographer?

Antiques fair where my light meter was waiting for me. Totally worth the 50p admission charge.

Tony, checking out an antique rifle

Supplemental camera phone photos:

This here is a flapjack. It was delicious.

Tony, checking the accuracy the light meter I’d just bought, compared to his meter

Leica! A Kiev in the background! Rangefinders galore! I actually own one like that Kiev now!

My day in Tunbridge Wells was a lot of fun! That’s thanks to Tony being a great host/tour guide. I’d give “Tony’s Tunbridge Wells” 5 stars if it were on TripAdvisor.

Stop one the “Amanda-UK Twitter Unity Tour” was a great one!

Photos taken with Yashica-Mat and Samsung Galaxy S III

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