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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 3: 15 May 2014

This was my last day in London before heading to York for the weekend. I’d decided do something a little different by visiting the Maritime Museum.

I found the route to the Maritime Museum kind of confusing, and I wasn’t really sure how it worked due to an apparent need to change to an over ground train from the Underground. At one of the stations on my journey, I was about to continue to the next leg of my Maritime Museum trip, when I saw exit signs pointing towards Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral. I saw both of those places last time, but it was raining, Borough Market was not really open, and I didn’t go into the church. I heard the market would this day, and with it being so beautiful outside, I decided to abandon my actual plan for the day. I couldn’t be happier with that decision.

The market was so full of life! It was a real change from the rainy Monday on which I’d visited the market in 2012. On this sunny day in May, there were so many food stalls and people browsing the market. I had an ice cream cone, took in the sights, sounds, and smells, and snapped  away to my heart’s content! I mention the ice cream cone because I believe it somehow added to my whole Borough Market “experience.”

I try not to duplicate shots/subjects with multiple cameras, but this is one of those days for which I have a “black and white version of the day and a colour version of the day.” And I like it like that.

Closer and closer: Sort of photos of the  apples, sort of self-portraits in the window

I got a strawberry ice cream cone from this stand! (Bath Soft Cheese Co.)

Loved the fabric Union Jack bunting in the barber shop

I roamed around the market a bit before making the short walk to Southwark Cathedral. Their church yard was also full of sun-seekers and picnickers. I took photos of the cathedral from the outside, since I just had the gloomy day ones from 2012.

I knew that there was a £2.50 permit fee for photography inside, so I popped my head in. Worth it! Also, paying the fee was much more quaint than I’d expected. I spoke to a church “welcomer” who was an Italian young woman. She said “Oh thank you! Thank you!” And took me over to an elderly man and said “Nigel, she’s here for a photography permit.” I gave Nigel my money, he filled out a little “permit” which was just a label where he had to fill in the date and tick the box for photography on it. He also wrote “Thank you” on it. Then he stuck the label on my camera bag strap and said “Please  remember *pause in speech* when you leave, take it off and keep it as your souvenir!” It was sooooo precious (and I did as he instructed.)  And they both kept thanking me. Wonder if most people don’t actually pay for the right to take photos and are just like “I DO WHAT I WANT!”? I had to take loads of photos in order to get make my £2.50 worth it, right?

And, by the way, I did as Nigel instructed. I took my photography permit that he’d stuck on my camera bag and put it in my notebook, on the page where I kept a record of where I’d done photography that day.

No, thank YOU!

Apparently I was trying to put myself into a diabetic coma with all the sweets I had that day caramel shortbread at Cafe Nero.

But I do have a weakness for photographing coffee/tea on film. I love the way it looks!

I was so enjoying my relaxing afternoon that I actually sat outside this Cafe Nero and talked to my mom on the phone for about an hour. It was so nice! I was trying to take a picture of myself, so I could show my mom where I was sitting while she and I had been chatting on the phone. A British woman saw me doing this and offered to take my photo in front of the ship that was across from the cafe. Not a very flattering photo, but a very cute experience for me.

I cannot seem to get a decent photo of this! I tried in 2012 but failed too. It’s a replica of the Golden Hind. 

Bike diptych

LED fireworks display under Clink Street Bridge. Which I’m sure looks much more awesome at night! But still pretty cool in the afternoon.

Hey! I photographed this last time I was in town! Except, when I saw it again this time, it was a lot smaller than I’d remembered.

I thought I’d just head to the nearest Tube after that, but I decided to pop in to the nearby Tate Modern first.

Across the River Thames. You can see St. Paul’s in the middle.

Some girls, hanging out by the River Thames

I said I was going to pop into Tate Modern for a brief visit. Little did I know how brief it’d be, as they closed at 6 and I arrived perhaps fifteen minutes prior to 6!

Only photo I took of the exterior of Tate Modern

The tradition of grainy, underexposed photos of people in Tate Modern continues

When I heard that the museum was about to close its doors, I ran into the gift shop on my way out and got a souvenir for myself. Because I’m a such a budget traveller, my niece is the only person fom whom I ever buy gifts while I’m in England. I’d already bought myself a book the day before at the Museum of London, but I just had to get myself something in particular from the Tate Modern. You see, last time I was in England, I went to Tate Modern a couple of times and really loved the coffee mugs in the gift shop. I couldn’t bring myself to fork over the £7 for it though. Strange as it sounds, I really regretted not bringing home one of those mugs home with me, as I loved that museum and wanted a memento. I thought about it every time I thought of my London 2012 visit. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money! I couldn’t go home regretful again, so the mug came home with me this time.

Would you believe that, after I left the Tate Modern, I actually led a group of (what I would describe as) cool young Europeans to the Southwark Tube station? Me? Helping a group of people who didn’t know where they were going? Inconceivable! Good thing I’d travelled from the Tate Modern to the Tube numerous time and actually knew where I was going…

After leaving Tate Modern, I just did a bit of wandering and a bit of photographing. You know, like ya do.

I love photographing the fences in London…

This fence is even better in colour, because it was mint green. One of my fave colours!

Taking a phone call in Southwark Station, in front of the blue glass wall

And so ended my last day in London prior to my quick weekend trip to York.

Photos taken with Nikon EM and Olympus XA


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