Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 3: 19 May 2014

Last full day in the motherland!

I had had such an exhausting journey back to London the night before, I didn’t feel like I should overextend myself trying to fit too much sightseeing in before getting ready to leave for America the next morning. Though I’d sworn off returning to the V&A this time since I seem to have spent half my 2012 trip at that museum, I did make a quick visit. I couldn’t help myself!

I wanted to see some of the fashion on display. Then I wanted to take it home with me.


This French dress is my spirit animal.  If only I’d been around in 1957 when it was made. And very thin…

You can also give me this aluminum and bakelite handbag. That middle scalloped piece is red. I love it!

This Chanel sequined evening trouser suit from the late 1930s was pretty fancy


Need a vintage two piece bating suit?


Cute! Having her photo made with this statue and mimicking the statue’s hand gesture.

Thuner, Saxon god of thunder


Cast of a 10th century cross in Ireland. The cast of this was made in the early 1900s.


Cast of a font from Belgium. Original piece made in the 1100s, cast made in 1877.

Another item scratched off the “to do” list: Go see Royal Albert Hall!

He took a photo of her in front of the hall, she took a photo of him in front of the hall. Then, I asked if they’d like me to take a photo of both of them in front of the hall. They handed me their phone, and I did it.




I next found the Albert Memorial in Kensington  Gardens. One word for you: WOW! I never imagined it would be so grand. It’s HUGE. It’s quite something to behold!

You can see Royal Albert Hall from here – the Prince’s statue is facing the hall, because the hall was his dream (Darned light leaks!)

I didn’t see much of any significance after I left Royal Albert Hall/Albert Memorial. Well, I did see the giant Whole Foods! Which wasn’t very different than the newly refurbished Whole Foods in Memphis. It was actually comforting, in a way.

Signage for a public toilet in one of the parks

Since my hostel was in an area of town I’d never visit before, I decided to take a few photos in Chelsea during my walk from the Tube to the hostel.







A quick snapshot from the armchair I was sat in at my hostel, Queen Elizabeth Fulham


And that’s London 2014 DONE! A visit to England that was not without its hiccups but was a rousing success overall!

Photos taken with Nikon EM




2 comments on “Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 3: 19 May 2014

  1. Many things I love here: Celtic crosses, gorgeous fashion, and the little front gardens.

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