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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 3: England on a Camera Phone

EVERYBODY knows that I refuse to shoot anything but film when I visit England. However, with a decent camera on my phone and a need to let people back home see a bit of what I’m seeing, I did I snap a few photos each day with my phone. Some of them made it to Instagram. Some of them made it to Twitter. Some of them never made it any further than my phone’s memory card. So, I thought I’d share some of the photos here!

9th of May (day one in England)

Hello England! Hello!

I’m on British time now!

Thriller Live advert on a cab

It’s an exciting time for me: first visit to a British supermarket during my 2014 UK holiday

I made my first England 2014 meal a really healthy, balanced one

Guess where I am, everybody

Good ole British purple-backs

Swiss Cottage Tube station – my home away from home during my 2012 and 2014 trips to England

Guys. This is SO big. I’d never seen it before and was taken by surprise when it came into view!

Westminster Cathedral – I particularly liked the image of a priest on a mobile phone

These lozenges tho…I think they were left over from WWII

10th of May (day two in England)

No apologies for posting a photo of my breakfast. Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage had seriously upped their croissant game since my 2012 stay.

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage – my favourite hostel

Exploring the area around my hostel before heading to Tunbridge Wells

Suffering rose

Street artist’s tag, or flamingo graffiti: you be the judge.

I usually am…
(but really, my aunt bought me these shoes to wear in England, so I took photos of places in England where I’d stood in those shoes)

What was in front of me while taking the “where I stood” photo about this one

Street art near the Swiss Cottage Tube station

All the Sherlock Holmes references in Baker St. Tube station made my heart go pitter-patter ♥

Standing in Tunbridge Wells!

11 of May (day three in England)

I sat on the train back to London that morning and looked at my useless ticket from the day prior, since I missed the train back to London the night before.

Maple syrup in a Coke bottle at Banner’s, with Kayla

Ginger beer! (it was really ginger-y)

Kayla told me how to get back to the Tube station by bus, and it worked! My first solo bus journey (even if it was only a little one)

12 of May (day four in England)

My sweet lil baby light meter that came from the antiques market in Tunbridge Wells

Oops. Bought a second Oyster card because I thought I’d lost the first one. Good thing they give you a refund on those things when you return them. Also of note: Inexplicable black stuff on my hand, after traversing a couple of Tube stations.

My discovery of the first occurrence of side eye, in a 16th century Chinese statue at the British Museum. MAD side eye.

All the Leicas. ALL the Leicas. (hashtag: Leica Leica Leica, blah blah blah)

13th of May (day five in England)

Purple blooms outside the hostel (and plastered blisters)

I donned a dress for my “date” with Candace later than day

My only goal for the day before meeting Candace was to visit The Photographers’ Gallery


Pardon the barrage of Tower Bridge photos, taken when Candace walked me to the Tube station

The Shard – with directions from Candace as to where to stand for the best views of the building

Tube stop/the thing that wants to come down whenever you come around Fergie

14th of May (day six in England)



So many war memorials in London. This one is in the Baker Street Tube station, for the men who’d been under employment of Metropolitan Railway Company before losing their lives in The Great War (WWI) It’s overwhelming. In both World Wars, Britain lost so much more than Americans can understand.

Random photo of a gal’s Chuck Taylors, waiting on train to come

I wanted to buy all the books about London at the Museum of London. I only bought one though. The one I bought is in this picture though!

Stone shield at the Museum of London, depicting the arms of England and France. It dates from some time between 1300-1400.

The Lord Mayor’s Coach, from 1757

The day I discovered braided pigtails were the solution to all my vacation hair problems

15th of May (day seven in England)

Hula hoops

Strawberry ice cream cone from the Bath Soft Cheese Co. stall at Borough Market

File under “No thank you!” at Borough Market

Taken to show me mum where I was sitting during our long phone call that day. Also appropriate because I’m making my mom’s signature facial expression.

16th of May (day eight in England)

Countryside, on my train journey to York

Staring contest with this useless hunk of metal (I’ve gotten it repaired since I returned stateside though)

Ta, York train station!

Dining hall at the hostel in York, ye olde 1752 “grand property”

Pardon the TMI, but the loo next to the common area downstairs was the nicest place in the entire hostel. That tasseled cord is what you pulled to flush the toilet. My first experience with THAT…

In Bar Convent, before I unwittingly got swept up into a tour of the convent

A far better photo of the chapel in Bar Convent than I was able to get on my film camera before being chastised for taking photos

I love the checkerboard tiles

♥♥♥ (wedding dress shop in York)

“Allow me to paint a picture for you: I’m in the common room in the hostel. There is a fireplace. Above the fireplace, a stuffed and mounted deer head. Inside the fireplace, there is a red light filling the space. In front of the fireplace is a leather tufted sofa”

17th of May (day nine in England)

Mornin’ York

HOW?? WHY?? NO!!

Heart-ish, at the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey

Hello, river

Take a look at my incompetency as a videographer, as I tried my hand at videoing The Y Street Band covering David Bowie

Night walk

18th of May (day ten in England)

I opened a clothing shop real quick when I got to York that weekend. Do you like it?

Happy girl, waiting on her cream tea to arrive

My sundress and me, waiting on the cream tea

The tea portion of my cream tea

Hehehe @ St. Martin Coney Street

Some colourful camera phone snapshots from the National Railway Museum, since I only had black and white film on me during my visit

bro-ing down with Thomas the Tank Engine #errantgreys

I’d neglected Curly Wurly bars up until my train ride back ton London. What a pity that there are only so many chocolate bars I can eat during the span of one visit to England. Caramel covered in chocolate. One of my favourite combinations of sugar-filled foods.

Taking photos through the window of a moving train is a difficult task. But what a pretty evening it was!

19th May (day eleven in England)

I made a quick visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Dale Chihuly sculpture in the Victoria and Albert Grand Entrance is a must see, every time I’m there.

At the V&A: Don’t ever be sad that you weren’t a lady in the 1750s who attended royal court. This dress is QUITE something.

Part of the inscription on the monument to Emily Georgiana, Lady Winchilsea

There was a wedding dress exhibit on during my visit – I didn’t want to pay the money to go see it and photography of it isn’t allowed, so I snuck this from level below the exhibit (soz, V&A)

This is the statue in the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints visitors centre that I refer to as “Buff Jesus.” Here is someone else’s picture that better displays this muscle-bound Jesus.

20th May (flying back to America)

At Heathrow: my last Americano and pain au chocolat in London before going home *sniff* I’ll miss you, frequent coffee and croissants :*(

Back in the States – in Atlanta, to be specifc. In super #smaj attire. Airport bathroom mirror self-portaits are the ultimate in class.

Memphis! After a most pleasant day of flying.

Photos taken with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy SIII


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  1. Amanda Mae, don’t know how I found this lovely surprise, but I am Solomon happy I did!
    Love you so!

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