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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 26 August 2016

Finally, I have arrived in London!

I like to report on my UK Border Control experiences each time I fly into London, and this time was actually really easy. I don’t know why, but immigration was completely deserted. I usually have to queue up foreverrrrrr, but I literally was the only person there that day. You’ll hear no complaints from me on that though!

I stayed at the same hostel where I’d stayed during my 2012 and 2014 visits to London. The neighbourhood is familiar at this point, and I have no stress trying to find my way to it when I travel back and forth on the Tube. That is a major asset, in my opinion.

I dropped my things off at the hostel (where I changed into my Union Jacks shoes in the left luggage room – thanks Melissa!) and I pushed myself to do some walking around to take photos (to make myself feel productive.)

I will always photograph tiles!

I liked it because it says “haircutters”

Union Jack shoes from my sis

So, on the day I arrive in London, I like to find something to see or do that I haven’t experienced in previous visits to that city. When I left for my main outing that afternoon, I was standing on a pavement (that’s sidewalk to us Americans,) using Google Maps on my phone when a British woman with a toddler stopped and asked if I was going to the Freud Museum. I guess she thought I, like she, was looking for it and trying to find directions on my phone. I said, “I didn’t know there was such a thing. I am just trying to figure out what I want to do with my day.” She said, “You should go to the Freud Museum then.” So I followed her to it on a whim. Want to hear another strange coincidence?? After awhile of walking behind her, I realised the woman had on a DOLLYWOOD shirt. I mentioned it to her, and she said she and her kids went last fall. SO RANDOM. Especially considering the fact that I would be going to Dollywood again a few weeks after I got back from London.

After walking a bit, we did find the museum. I found out that the museum is the house where the Freud family lived after fleeing Austria in 1938. Sigmund Freud died the next year, but his daughter lived there until her death in 1982.

I usually do things that are free when I’m in London (as there are MANY free things to do in London,) so I had mixed feelings about this museum because it cost £7 for entry,and I paid £2 for the audio tour. The whole museum basically consists of only five rooms in the house! I will say that, if you live in London and/or really love Freud, the admission price gives you a one year pass to visit the museum again, so there’s that. Oh, and I did not go through the museum with the woman who had suggested I go there. That probably would have been weird.

Freud’s study

This was trippy – a mirrored ceiling in Freud’s study

Sketches of Freud by Salvador Dali

“Das Ich Und Die Abwehrmechanismen” (The Ego and The Mechanisms of Defense) by Anna Freud

Garden at the Freud Museum

Blue door at Freud’s house

After leaving the Freud Museum, I meandered around the neighbourhood before supper whilst taking some photos. As you would expect.

The site of a strange jacket potato experience I had for dinner…

Now, after I ate, I did something unusual: I went shopping!

I wanted to go to Primark on Oxford Street to see if I could find something I might wear to Kayla’s wedding (I did bring a dress but wasn’t really satisfied that it was the right choice!) Plus, I knew the area where Primark is located might make for some good photo opportunities.

Inside Tottenham Court Road Tube station

Outside Tottenham Court Road Station

I had good luck on my shopping trip and found a new skirt and some booties that I was happy with (a detail people care about?  haha) It was such a nice night that I fancied walking around Oxford Street and Regent Street before returning to the hostel, even though I had been awake nearly thirty hours at that point.

One of the vintage London red double-decker buses used for tours

A church off Regent Street called All Souls, Langham Place

At that point, I decided I had pushed myself a little too hard by staying out to take extra photos that night, so I returned back to the hostel and had a hot shower (hey, that’s an important detail because I don’t think any of the showers I’ve taken at that particular hostel during previous stays have ever been hot!)

Photos taken with my Fuji GA645i and Pentax Espio Mini


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