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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 27 August 2016

I honestly just slept in on Saturday, seeing as I had been up over 30 hours straight after my travels. Cool story, huh?

This was the day when I, thankfully, got together with Candace! She herself had just flown in from New York that morning, and she was kind enough to take me out on a walk in a part of London called Shoreditch. Usually, the days when I hang out with people while I’m in London don’t turn out to be photographically productive days, but Candace was clever enough to basically take me on a photo walk in London’s East End.

Liverpool Street station, where Candace and I met up

Known occupants of this site, for over 850 years 

Candace took me to Beigel Bake. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for their bagels!

The “New Orleans” frozen daiquiri bar…

Kahaila Cafe

After Candace and I bid each other farewell, I decided to go to St. Paul’s. I have photographed St. Paul’s enough in the past, but I needed to take some particular Instax photos around there (more on that later.)

This is a school of some sort…but I don’t remember exactly! 

I walked across the bridge to Tate Modern.

The River Thames

Tate Modern exterior

A sculpture called “Planet” by Emily Young

And then back to the hostel to rest! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday in London, I must say!

Photos taken with my Ricoh FF-1 and Fuji GA645i


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