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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 30 August 2016

Started most of my days at Caffe Nero near my hostel 

I had Kayla’s hen do that night near Piccadilly Circus, so I tried to keep my day simple in order to not overdo it before I had to see people that evening.

I think I have mentioned before: On this trip to London, I revisited tourist spots and photographed them, even though I have covered those things places well in the past. I felt like that was sort of wasteful for some reason, but I tried shooting them from different angles and with alternative film types to make myself feel better about it! I set my sights on Tower Bridge that day – a piece of civil engineering that has my heart. I had sworn off photographing it again this time, because I felt like my last photos of the bridge were what I would consider “definitive” (for me and how I like my photography)

Tower Bridge and its mirror image

BUT, I walked across Tower Bridge for the first time since 2006 (which was the first time ever I saw its face 😀 ) Walking across Tower Bridge is one of the reasons I fell in love with it!

I spy with my little eye: The Shard!

Trinity Square

After I finished in the area near Tower Bridge, I decided to walk toward Tate Modern for some reason. I used something called the Thames Path to walk part of the way. Along the way, I saw “The Monument” which isn’t a very specific title for a memorial, so it wasn’t until I followed the signs to it that I saw that it was about: it’s the monument to the Great Fire of London in 1666. I found out that that week was the 350th anniversary of that fire, so there were events going on in London to commemorate it.

The Monument

Really cool building next to The Monument

I was stood outside a church near The Monument, and an elderly lady told me it was worth going in to take a look. It is called St. Magnus the Martyr. I did snap a couple of photos, but as I had not asked anyone if that was permitted, I didn’t want to press my luck or be disrespectful. Inside the church was a small group of young people who were burn victims, who seem to be in London with a group for burn victims. It was sad. I bet they were there in conjunction with the anniversary of the fire.

From St. Magnus the Martyr, I just continued walking until I finally arrived at Piccadilly Circus!

Thames Walk

Carrying on my tradition of photographing bikes chained to fences in London

Smoke break

Forest of metal trees,” Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

I intentionally arrived early to Piccadilly Circus because I wanted to…paint my nails. I laughed at myself for sitting on the steps of the Eros statue and painting my nails in the middle of a major road junction/tourist spot!

Piccadilly Circus

The hen party took place at a restaurant called Grace Bar. It was great! We did a kimono party (where we were all dressed in kimonos, obviously) and had a delicious dinner! I think we all came away with some fun memories from that evening.

Guest of honour at the hen party

Kayla and her little niece at the end of the kimono party

Me at the kimono party, with the fan I decorated during the craft portion of the party

I had a lovely walk to the Tube station after we all parted ways at Piccadilly Circus. I was so happy to be a part of Kayla’s pre-wedding girls’ night out!

One last Piccadilly Circus shot before I left…of a woman taking her little girl’s photo in front of the illuminated signs

Photos taken with my Fuji GA645i and Pentax Espio Mini 


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