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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 31 August 2016

Another day without an itinerary or plan? Say it ain’t so!

Again, I felt guilty for photograph well-documented landmarks, but I did it anyway. Mostly because Big Ben is quite mesmorising to me.

Every tourist stops to have a photo taken in red phone boxes

Somehow managed to snap a quick photo of this little girl’s flower crown as we were all crossing the street

Boadicea and her Daughters“statue on Victoria Embankment

London Eye

Royal Air Force memorial, Victoria Embankment

The Goodship Benefit  – basically, a pink boat for women to eat, drink, and get beauty treatments on

Victoria Embankment gardens

The Playhouse Theatre (opened 1882)

I might not have had a clear plan for the day, but I did go to the National Portrait Gallery. I’ve been there before, but I didn’t stay long because I didn’t particularly care for paintings of the Tudors and other old British families. This time, however, I liked it much better! I tried to stick to seeing the more modern paintings (and some photos) they have there.

The Lady. If you watched Downton Abbey, maybe you’ve heard of it.

Found a good reflective surface for some self-portraits

The Coal Hole

Buckingham Arcade

After that, I decided to just walk along the river some, over a couple of different bridges. When I was on the Southbank, I ended up doing something I intended to do a few days earlier but never got round to: SO, I’d always wanted to see a film while in London, just because I thought it’d be a nice break from museums and the hustle and bustle of the city. Over the weekend, I was searching for inexpensive or second run cinemas, when I found out about the BFI (British Film Institute) centre at Southbank. They have something there called Mediatheque, where you can go to watch anything they have digitised in their archives. I would have had trouble finding it if I hadn’t happened upon it this particular day. I went inside to check it out. The woman in the Mediatheque room gave me a login that was good for a two hour session, and I was set up at a viewing station in a corner, where I ended up being able to sort of recline. I was really tired and beat when I went in, but being there for a little under two hours was just what the doctor ordered. I watched a couple of shorts, then a full length movie from the 30s called “Young Man’s Fancy.” It was SO cute! My mom would have loved it.

After I finished at BFI, I wanted to continue walking down the Southbank before heading back to the hostel. It had gone grey outside while I was watching the movie, but as I approached Big Ben again, the sun shone a little before it went down. It was so nice that I decided to keep walking instead of hopping back on the Tube near Big Ben where I had gotten off earlier in the day. I walked down Whitehall and past Trafalgar Square before catching the Tube near there. And that was my Wednesday in London!

Photos taken with my Fuji GA645i and Ricoh FF-1


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