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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 1 September 2016

Wedding eve!

I went to Kayla and Tony’s the day before their wedding to lend a helping hand and moral support as Kayla baked her own wedding cake and did the bouquets and floral arrangements. I, along with her maid of honour Jenny, did whatever Kayla needed us to do. Moral support, rice crispy cake layers, icing, the washing up, lending a hand with the baby. Honestly though, Kayla rocked all the wedding preparations, moral support wasn’t really needed, and it was a surprisingly chill day!

I tried to snap some photos throughout the day, behind the scenes.

Then a funny thing happened when I took one of the rolls out of my camera: the film wasn’t wound tightly on the spool, so all the photos on that roll would be fogged by light! As you can see, most people these days would think the photos had been filtered in an app or something!

So I loaded another roll in the camera and tried to reshoot a few things in case the previous roll was completely ruined!

I had a lovely day with Kayla, Jen, and Baby B. Couldn’t wait for Kayla and Tony’s big day though!

Photos taken with my Fuji GA645i and Pentax Espio Mini 


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