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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 3 September 2016

Nearly the end of my 2016 UK holiday!

I was finally able to meet up with Richard and Rachel. While this wasn’t the most PHOTO-heavy day, the fact that we managed to take any photos at all was an improvement over our previous meet-up in 2014!


Random photo of a pub in Richmond 🙂

Richard and Rachel had me meet them in a part of London called Richmond. We walked around Richmond, had lunch in a pub there, and walked through Richmond Park, where there are deer roaming freely (and have been since the 1600s, when the park was created as a deer park for the royals.) Richard also informed me that there are parakeets in the park, though I didn’t manage to see one of those!

We did see ONE deer while in Richmond Park, but the thing in the park that I thought was the coolest is something which I don’t really have a way to show you. There is a path cut through the trees so you can see all the way from the park to St Paul’s cathedral in the city. According to Wikipedia, the park is over ten miles from St Paul’s. It’s difficult to see all that way with the naked eye, of course, so there is a telescope you can look through that perfectly aligns with the unobstructed view of St Paul’s . It was so cool!

From the Royal Parks website:

The St. Paul’s view has been faithfully preserved by generations of landscapers who have created a tree-framed sightline from the mound to the dome. The view is now protected and no new building is allowed to impede it.

I did take a photo of one of the gates that indicates “The Way” to St. Paul’s. Another tidbit of information from the Royal Parks website:

New gates, which can be viewed through the King Henry’s Mound telescope, have been installed on the edge of Sidmouth Woods to mark the tercentenary of St Paul’s Cathedral.

A map at  King Henry’s mound, describing the view of St Paul’s as a “keyhole vista”

And WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT, but my camera fell on the pavement and popped partially open, so the couple of photos I’d taken were fogged by light!

Photo of Rachel which I didn’t intentionally take but I like- I was just advancing the film after the door popped open!

We ended up getting on a train and heading back to the city, where our plans were basically foiled by rain that started up after we arrived. Richard and Rachel decided we should duck into a pub to try to wait the rain out, but obviously every other person in the city had the same idea! So we had to try a couple of different spots before we found one we could squeeze into.

A pub that was too crowded for us to enter

Taken in the pub where we actually ended up that afternoon

The rain may have put a damper on our day out, but I really appreciated Richard and Rachel taking time out of their weekend to show me around a part of London I’d previously not seen!

After heading back to the hostel for the evening, I decided to walk a little to take a few more photos around the neighbourhood before settling in for the night.

And that was that! I had to get ready for my last proper day in London, after all.

Photos taken with my Fuji GA645i and Ricoh FF-1


One comment on “Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 3 September 2016

  1. Very cool photos! I miss London so much!

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