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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 5 September 2016

I didn’t really know if I would make a blog post about the day I traveled back to America, as it wasn’t very eventful. But here we go anyway!

My flight was actually in the afternoon, so I was able to get up, wander around the neighbourhood one more time, and have my last croissant and coffee at “my” Caffe Nero.

Farewell, Caffe Nero

I will supplement this post with camera phone shots of the day. I had strategically finished the film in all but one of my cameras on the day prior to my departure, so it was just this one little camera with black and white film in it that day.

One last coffee and croissant

Travel essentials: coin purse, passport, Ricoh FF-1

I am probably one of the chief benefactors of the reminders of which directionto look (for oncoming vehicles)  when stepping off of a London pavement.

I just took a photo of this dentist office’s window because there are toothbrushes hanging in it

Swiss Cottage Grocers, Finchley Road

Fancy flowers outside a building of flats on College Crescent

Tiles showing the way on College Crescent (where my hostel was)

Travel style: Heathrow loo edition

Waiting to fly

Pretty little dainty flamingo bracelet that Kayla gave me at her hen do

I wish I had a more interesting journey home which I could write about, but it was pretty uneventful this time! That’s good though, because the most “eventful” flight home I’ve had from England involved being deboarded from the plane because someone had made it all the way to the gate a knife! The only thing I have to report for my 2016 flight home is that it was on an old, worn out plane. Had the same in-flight entertainment system as the one I’d been on to and from England in 2006, and the upholstery on the seats was separating from the chairs. The only other bit of gossip I have is that my seatmate didn’t use the loo for the entirety of our journey from London to Detroit…

Playful fountain at the Detroit airport

AWESOME light and sound tunnel at the Detroit airport. Here’s a colour video taken with my phone, since the black and white film version only does it partial justice:

detroitairport from Amanda Raney on Vimeo.

Waiting to board my flight at Detroit

Having a later flight out of London meant I got home later than I usually would. I felt really bad that my sister had to pick me up so late, but at least my niece was able to come with her and make it 4/4 for being at the airport when I arrived home from London! The worst part was…I had to get up to work in my family’s business the next morning at 4:00 AM! And let me tell you: it was PAINFUL!

And, thus ended my 2016 London holiday. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I will probably make an “epilogue” post soon*, so watch this space!

Black and white photos taken with my Ricoh FF-1

*Yes, I can drag this trip to London out for awhile!


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