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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: England on a Camera Phone

I feel a bit “extra” for doing this post… A year ago this very day, I arrived in London for the fourth time. Primarily because the photos are taken on film, it sometimes takes awhile before I get all the photo blogs posted from each of my UK holidays. I have gotten in the habit […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4 {England on Instax}

I was doing a daily photo project on instant film in 2016, so I took my Fuji Instax camera along with me. I shared some of these on the blog for my daily photo project, but most of them were saved for a blog post on this site. And it only took ten months to publish […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: Epilogue

After I travel to London, I sometimes do an epilogue of sorts to gather my thoughts and conclusions, as to what I did right and what I’d do differently if I had the chance. The biggest thing for me is always: “Which cameras am I taking?” Maybe only my fellow self-professed “film nerds” out there […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 4 September 2016

Last day in London! Two pictures of my Caffe Nero breakfast, taken on two different cameras? Sunnies in the Caffe Nero refrigerated bakery display case On my way  I decided to visit Tate Britain, which is a sister museum to the Tate Modern, a place I have visited multiple times. I had been briefly in […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 2 September 2016

Kayla and Tony’s wedding day! It was so great, ya’ll. There was laughter, there were tears of joy, and it was a heartwarming to day to be a part of (and it will go on record as the first time I ever cried at a wedding: during Tony’s speech.) I made a larger post of […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 31 August 2016

Another day without an itinerary or plan? Say it ain’t so! Again, I felt guilty for photograph well-documented landmarks, but I did it anyway. Mostly because Big Ben is quite mesmorising to me. Every tourist stops to have a photo taken in red phone boxes Somehow managed to snap a quick photo of this little […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 30 August 2016

Started most of my days at Caffe Nero near my hostel  I had Kayla’s hen do that night near Piccadilly Circus, so I tried to keep my day simple in order to not overdo it before I had to see people that evening. I think I have mentioned before: On this trip to London, I […]