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Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: England on a Camera Phone

I feel a bit “extra” for doing this post… A year ago this very day, I arrived in London for the fourth time. Primarily because the photos are taken on film, it sometimes takes awhile before I get all the photo blogs posted from each of my UK holidays. I have gotten in the habit […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4 {England on Instax}

I was doing a daily photo project on instant film in 2016, so I took my Fuji Instax camera along with me. I shared some of these on the blog for my daily photo project, but most of them were saved for a blog post on this site. And it only took ten months to publish […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: Epilogue

After I travel to London, I sometimes do an epilogue of sorts to gather my thoughts and conclusions, as to what I did right and what I’d do differently if I had the chance. The biggest thing for me is always: “Which cameras am I taking?” Maybe only my fellow self-professed “film nerds” out there […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 30 August 2016

Started most of my days at Caffe Nero near my hostel  I had Kayla’s hen do that night near Piccadilly Circus, so I tried to keep my day simple in order to not overdo it before I had to see people that evening. I think I have mentioned before: On this trip to London, I […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 29 August 2016

What I wrote to my sister about this day in England started out with: “TlL: just go to the ticket booth!” Brighton was a major item on my “to do” list for England this time, and since much of my week was booked up with events and occasions relating to Kayla and Tony’s wedding, I […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: 27 August 2016

I honestly just slept in on Saturday, seeing as I had been up over 30 hours straight after my travels. Cool story, huh? This was the day when I, thankfully, got together with Candace! She herself had just flown in from New York that morning, and she was kind enough to take me out on […]

Amanda Goes to England, Vol. 4: The Prologue

Is it redundant now? Is it old hat that I post here and say “Oh, I’m going back to England?” I hope not, because I’ve come here to say it again: “Oh, I’ve gone back to England!” And, for whatever reason, I always like to give a little backstory before I tell you about the […]